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What is PhotoCatalyst?

Photocatalyst is a semi-
conductor wHere strong
oxidation occurs on the
surface when exposed
to UV or sunlight.

Characteristics of Solarcoat

* Air cleaning
Decompose organic comtaminants, VOCs, Formaldehyde in the air.
* Passed FDA safety test
* Applied for world patent
* Advanced nano technology
* Below 10 nanometer size
* Reduce airbourne bacteria
* Contains nano silver
* Capable of killing SARS virus
* Exporting to overseas
* Decontamination
* Self-cleaning function

Passed FDA safety test

By passing FDA safety test,
it is confirmed that Solarcoat is safe to human body.
What is Solarcoat?

Solarcoat is a liquefied
photocatalyst TiO2 coating agent.
It can be used in both interior and exterior of a building at any temperature and also has further
enhanced characteristics of photocatalyst.

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  World Best "Photocatalyst"
Applied for world patent
North America, Japan, China, Australia, Europe countries

Product List

is a neutral photocatalyst and colorless and transparent.
It can be used in the interior for air-cleaning.

is new-concept photocatalyst
that using not only ultraviolet rays but also visible rays which are 380nm~600nm as a source of energy.

has a self-cleaning ability on the glass and tiles on the exterior wall of a building due to its high hydrophile property.


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